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Introducing the new airline storefront

Modern retailing that makes comparison shopping
easy and focuses on total offer value.

For travel buyers…

Relevant offers and
increased efficiency

For airlines…

Maximized upsell opportunities
supporting omni-channel retailing

For travelers…

Transparency and increased
trip value

Comparison shopping made easy

Expert Q&A with Kathy Morgan

We sat down with Kathy Morgan, vice president of offer sourcing at Sabre, to hear her views on how the new airline storefront will deliver value across the travel industry and enable personalized retailing.

Sabre’s new airline storefront is just the tip of the spear in how we’re innovating in the way we sell, promote and display offers.

Kathy Morgan
Vice President of Offer Sourcing at Sabre

Integration with Sabre APIs and customer touchpoints

Our innovation partners

Sabre has partnered with thought-leading airlines and agencies to deliver industry-first comparison shopping capabilities that enable personalized retailing.


Travel agents are under increasing pressure to ensure travelers receive the offer that is right for them. Sabre’s new airline storefront makes all relevant content available in the initial shop, increasing agent efficiency and encouraging upsell.

Mimmo Cristofaro
CEO at TravelMatic

Our customers demand choice paired with convenience and simplicity – that’s exactly what Sabre’s new airline storefront delivers.

Werner Kunz-Cho
CEO of Fareportal


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